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How To Wear Metallic Pieces?

Anything shiny and metallic is love and is in trend! From runways to street styles, this glary look is all over the place. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time that you throw your shy shoes off and get your hands on this edgy trend. Here are the recommendations you can follow to make this high shine look a part of your everyday outfit.

1. Start with accessories and footwear

For beginners, metallic accessories and footwear are a great way to kick start. Pairing your shiny heels or glittery clutch with your everyday basic outfit doesn’t need an iota of convincing.

Day Look – Opt for a solid white tee and a pair of distressed denim jeans along with white sneakers. Carry a silver bag to add the glare.

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Night Look – Glam up your night look by wearing a chic LBD with your silver heels and a dainty ring.

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2. Do not wear two metallic clothes together

Yes, sporting trends is a great thing to do but avoid going overboard. Never-ever wear two metallic clothes together. Go for only one metallic product at a time. If you’re wearing a pair of shiny culottes, go for a solid top and vice-versa.

Day Look – Opt for a chic solid blue shirt paired with edgy silver palazzos. Since you’ve got so much shine in your entire outfit, keep your footwear and accessories subtle.

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Night Look – A metallic grey top paired with black pencil skirt works best for a night time look. Wear your high heels, bracelet and carry a clutch for added charm.

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3. Always mind the proportions

Proportions play a significant role in styling your metallic outfits. In simple terms, wear a metallic top if you want all the focus on your upper body and go for a shiny bottom if you want your lower body to get the attention. Yes, you can play with your accessories but try to keep them subtle.

Day Look – A silver top paired with ripped blue jeans is the best option for a casual day look. Add boots for overall comfort.

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Night Look – Wear a metallic black pencil skirt with a basic black top for a glammed up night. Add high heels and a sober clutch to look sorted.

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4. When in doubt, layer your outfit

The best part about layering the outfit is that if you want to tone down your outfit, you always have an option of removing the layer.

Simply, throw on a golden jacket over your basic outfit. Add decent mid heels to get going.

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5. Opt for deeper earthy hues rather than bright colors

Bright glittery shades scream attention. So, if you’re not comfortable wearing intense bright colors, go for earthy hues.

Metallic nudes attract the least amount of attention amongst the entire color pallet.

Go for a metallic brown pencil skirt paired with a black lace top. Let sober stilettos and a sling bag balance the outfit.

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Say yes to metallic pieces and add shine to your everyday outfit. Just keep adding sparkles to your life!

The author’s views are personal here.