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How To Perfectly Pair Your Striped Clothes?

Prints and patterns can make a lot of difference to your silhouette. And undoubtedly among them, stripes are the most important and difficult to style. While horizontal stripes may make you look bulkier than you actually are, vertical stripes hide all those extra pounds and give an illusion of a slimmer you. This classic vintage pattern is something we all have in our wardrobe, but styling it is not everybody’s game. Let’s explore amazing outfit ideas for your everyday striped pieces.

1. Maxi dress with high block heels

With maxi dresses, choose block heels as they always work well with a flowy silhouette and add a pop of color by carrying a quirky sling bag.

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2. T-shirt dress with a denim jacket and sneakers

Just throw on a denim jacket over your striped t-shirt dress and add classic sneakers for the flawless look. Carry a sling bag for that extra stuff.

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3. Jumpsuit with mid block heels

Team your striped jumpsuit with statement earrings, a flashy clutch, and edgy block heels. Don’t forget to adorn statement earrings.

You can lower the contrast in your outfit by choosing pieces whose stripes are from the same color family or same tones.

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4. Pencil skirt with a solid top and mid block heels

Pair your striped pencil skirt with a solid top and mid block heels. Experiment with your accessories to add fun to your outfit. Try a silver bangle and add up the oomph quotient.

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5. T-shirt with regular denim jeans and mid heels

It’s best to pair your basic striped t-shirt with a pair of regular clean look denim jeans and mid heels.

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6. Shirt with a leather skirt and pencil heels

While for formal meetings, pair your striped shirt with trousers and pumps, for more casual outings, pair it with a leather skirt along with your pencil heels. Add statement earrings for an added flair.

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Pairing your favorite striped clothes can be fun as there is a lot on the pallet for you to explore.

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