How To Make Up With Estranged Friend?

Most of the friendship stories start with how a stranger entered your life and became your bestie in no time. But, what if this friend turns back into a stranger? What if she is not the same as she used to be? Let’s find out how you can make up with your estranged friend.

1. Try to find the reason for the withdrawnness

Certainly, there has to be a reason for the aloofness you’ve been facing from your friend’s side. If you don’t know it yet, recollect your thoughts and ponder what could have created the differences. Try to have a heart to heart with her and at the same time, try to figure out what’s in her mind.

2. Trade the shoes and think from her point of view

It is possible that she might cut you off and won’t give you any details of her problem when you try to reach out. Don’t be aggressive if she’s not willing to share and try to think from her point of view as well.

3. Keep no mediators

If your friend is not willing to talk, we won’t recommend you to initiate communication through a third person. Word of mouth will probably lead to misunderstandings only. So, if she’s not communicating, sit back and give her some time.

4. Take time to cool down

Honestly, talking to your estranged friend is not going to be an easy task. She may end up making you more furious. The best thing you can do during this time when you are mad at them is taking a step back to cool down your mind. Don’t say hurtful things to them which you might regret later.

5. Don’t take it personally

There is a high possibility that your bestie will say things which won’t be very pleasing. Therefore, it is essential for you not to take it on your heart and let some of the lousy stuff slide away. You can talk to them later about what they said but don’t try to confront them immediately.

6. Avoid the blame game

It becomes essential for you to understand that both of you can be right on your part. Therefore, don’t try to downplay it by blaming things on her. Find common ground where you both feel comfortable.

To sum up, try to be cautious about whatever you say to your estranged friend. Thinking about her point of view is going to help you a lot. Lastly, decide to accept the changes and don’t force anything on her.

The author’s views are personal here.