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How To Look Slimmer?

We all have our bad days when we look a bit more chubby than we actually are. And it gets even worse if we have an outing planned for the same day. Styling your outfits to make you look slim can be a tough task. These seven tried and tested fashion hacks can save your life on your tough days, and help you trim down those extra pounds in no time.

1. Wear vertical stripes

Prints and patterns can make a lot of difference to your silhouette. While some prints and patterns add all those illusionary extra pounds to your body, vertical stripes make you look slim and a lot leaner. Opt for a vertically striped A-line or shift dress, or a striped jumpsuit, or you can pair a plain top with striped culottes.


2. Go all black

If you wish to look slim, wear black. Undoubtedly, black colored outfits play their cards right when it comes to slim silhouettes. So, let your love for pastels go away and try inculcating black ensembles in your closet. Opt for a solid black jumpsuit or a black maxi dress or pair black palazzos with a black embroidered top.


3. Say no to body-hugging clothes

If you think that wearing a size smaller can make you look slim, then we will ask you to think again. Body-hugging pieces are a big no-no when you’re trying to look slim. They end up making you appear a lot bulkier than you actually are. We’re not recommending you to go for flowy silhouettes but opt for something midway instead.

Go for shift and maxi dresses instead of bodycon and sheath dresses.


4. Get a high rise jeans

If your problem area is torso and belly region, then high rise jeans are the perfect match for you. High-rise jeans trick the eyes to give you a taller and elongated frame while hiding those muffin tops. Not only will they give you a mirage of a cinched waist, but this hack works best for those gifted with curves.

Try picking dark-colored high rise jeans.


5. Layer your outfits

Do you think that layering your outfits makes you look bulky? Well, we would like to break your bubble in that case because it’s just a myth. Yes, it’s tricky, but if done right, layering can make you look a lot slimmer than you actually are. Pick any solid not-so-dull colored blazer and throw it over your white top along with your favorite trousers or skirt. You have done it right!


6. Experiment with accessories

Whenever in doubt, simply accessorize. Not that they hide anything, accessories like a statement necklace or funky earrings or even an embellished bag grab the scrutiny of the eyes and therefore, do not let the focus be only on your body. Go for an embellished clutch, a statement necklace or a watch.


7. Go for shapewear

Last but not least, shapewear can hide all that unwanted extra flab and give your torso an excellent structure while maintaining your posture.

Opt for nude shade shapewear.


So, be it wearing an all-black outfit with accessories or layering your basic outfit; you can do a crossover among these fashion hacks and easily look slimmer.

The author’s views are personal.