Seven Things You Must Do To Get Out Of The Breakup Syndrome

When two people fall in love and begin a relationship, they expect their journey to be pleasing and full of happiness. Unfortunately, when the same people choose to call off this journey, it leads to a broken heart which is full of agony. Breaking up with someone you are so accustomed to, can weaken your emotions to the core. And you can become so gloom-ridden that everything may look irreparable.

Let’s discuss how you can get your mind off your ex-beau and get out of the breakup syndrome.


Indeed the most cliché yet the most effective way. Most of the people fall in love to feel loved by someone. But what they forget is that one needs to love themselves first. A broken heart often instils the feeling of guilt in an individual. To protect yourself from that remorse, it is essential that you instil self-love and stop blaming yourself. You can’t hold yourself responsible for every bad thing that has happened.


After a breakup, it is crucial that you learn to snub your ex; he doesn’t deserve an iota of your attention. People say that being friends with your ex is a sign of maturity, but I tend to disagree. Healing your broken heart is far more critical. Be it Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or any other communicating medium, try to cut off all the contact from your ex for at least some time. Throw away or donate all that stuff which in one or the other way reminds you of him. This will help you calm your whirlpool of emotions.


There can be nothing as easy as catching a heart on the rebound. So, avoid being an easy target. After a breakup, you may become psychologically incapable of making the right decisions and try to replace your former partner with a new one. Staying single is the best way forward till the time your impulsive emotions have calmed down. Just imagine what if he turns out to be a similar knucklehead. Scary, isn’t it?


A broken heart can take a lousy toll on your career and make you forget what you had yearned for. It’s important to remember who you were and what you wanted to be before you met this specific person. You had an aim; you still have it. Work for it.


After a breakup, we feel a void inside. I would recommend filling this void by cultivating a new hobby and investing your time and energy in yourself. It can be engaging yourself in reading more and more books, practising meditation, yoga, or even kick-boxing (this one will help a lot). We all have talents and interests, which with time, have become dormant. Breakups are the best time to reconnect with them. Rediscover yourself and get back that magic.


When heartbroken, most of the people like to restrict themselves alone in their ivory tower. But this is a toxic way to vent out your emotions since it’ll force you to ponder over what had happened again and again. When you interact with people, it helps your mind to not wander in the wrong places. Believe me, a long phone call with your best friend is no less than a cure at such moments.

It is vital that you talk about something new and constructive. Blabbering about your previous relationship, again and again, will iterate the cycle of guilt and sorrow.


‘Drinking till you are drunk’ can be the easiest way to forget the reality or flush-out all the sorrow when you are going through breakups. However, such a solution will be short-lived and will definitely lead you to other undesirable outcomes. So, avoid it completely.

Breakups are hard and can be unbearable. But with a strong mind and great friends, you can get out of this undeserving state. Keep your chin up, smile, and restore your life.

DISCLAIMER: This article has been written by the author during Modstyl Internship Program and edited by Team Modstyl. The opinions expressed here are personal and bear no responsibility.