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Good Fashion Habits Of Stylish Women

Be it buying unsung brands, or blindly following so-called latest trends, we all follow some not-so-good fashion habits that are blocking our superior fashion sense. These fashion habits, undoubtedly, are a big obstruction on our way to a seamless OTT fashion statement.

Let’s dive into the pool of top five good fashion habits of stylish women.

1. Say no to similar pieces and look for different color, pattern or print

How many of you are guilty of holding the same or similar clothing items in your closet? Yes, we agree, not every white shirt you have is the same or you cannot have only one pair of black jeggings. But avoid collecting similar products. Try going for a different color, pattern or print, as they give a better and different look altogether.

2. Don’t shy, start investing in statement pieces

Who all want that glittery necklace, but have second thoughts on buying them? Yes, you don’t carry statement pieces daily, but don’t let that stop you from getting your hands on them. Statement pieces amp up your entire look effortlessly and add all the missing oomph back in your outfit. So, next time you are window shopping, invest a bit and get yourself what you want.

3. Let ‘THAT’ go away; you won’t wear it again

Yes, we all have clothing attachments, and you should not feel shy about it. Every clothing item or accessory has a special memory to it. Although they don’t fit you anymore and have been used more than normal, you tend to keep such pieces. It might sound harsh, but it’s best to get rid of them as they sit in your wardrobe uselessly and take up a lot of space. If you don’t let go of your old pieces, how will new ones enter? Think about it!

4. Ditch fashion myths, find your comfort zone

Yes, specific fashion rules exist in the fashion world. But you don’t need to follow all of them. Fashion is subjective, and so your taste in it. Do not worry much about the latest trends and find your comfort zone. Try to discover what suits and works best for you. In the end, it’s all about how well you carry yourself.

5. Tweak your fashion sense and start experimenting

Gone is the era when there was only one way of wearing your favorite staple. We all own certain pieces in our wardrobe that are super-duper versatile. Say, a basic white t-shirt or a flowy maxi skirt. There are countless ways you can style these versatile basics, without losing on your comfort quotient. For example, wear your maxi skirt as a tube dress with a belt cinched around your waist, or wear your palazzo pants as a dress (Psst! that’s possible). All you need is to tweak your fashion sense a bit and start experimenting.

Embrace the good fashion habits and stay stylish. But remember. Wear whatever makes you confident and keeps you comfortable.

The author’s views are personal here.