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Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid

The best part about fashion is that it’s subjective. Every person we meet has a unique sense and understanding of fashion. But, only a few are deemed stylish. Even stylish people, however, are guilty of committing fashion mistakes.

Here’s my list of common fashion mistakes that girls usually make and the easy ways to quickly fix them. Let there be nothing that stops you from having a fashion sense that is enviable.

1. Wearing leggings as pants

Women wear leggings as pants all around the world, although accepted, it is a big fashion no-no. Even though they are comfortable, leggings worn as pants, bring unwanted attention to the bottom half of the body and creates creases around the hip region, which also shows off panty lines.

Simply pair your leggings with a long tunic top or a shirt dress that covers the butt.

2. Over accessorizing

Undoubtedly, accessories can make or break an outfit. Adding a belt and a necklace can add a much-needed oomph to an outfit. But, pairing the same dress with four rings, one necklace, huge earrings, and a belt can quickly take the outfit from fab to drab. An overload of accessories ends up making the whole outfit look cluttered while taking away the attention from the attire.

While accessorizing, always keep the number 3 in mind, that is, do not go over three accessories per outfit.

3. Not thinking before a purchase

Right off the bat, just as much as it hurts me to say this, even I’m guilty of this fashion mistake. Not thinking through before buying an item, results in an overflowing closet and the I-have-nothing-to-wear problem. So, do not indulge in impulsive purchasing. Buy an item if only you adore it. Doing so would also save you some hard-earned bucks and the easily avoidable guilt trip.

4. Not dressing according to your body shapes

There are seven types of body shapes, namely: Inverted Triangle, Triangle, Round, Pencil, Rectangle, Neat Hourglass, and Full Hourglass. All of these shapes have unique characteristics and different focal points. If you don’t know what type you fall into, I recommend you identifying it first. Wearing well-fitted clothes highlights the natural curves of your body. There is no need to be unhappy if you do not have the ideal “hourglass” figure. Remember, every aspect of your body is beautiful, regardless of what shape it is.

5. Highlighting too much

We have all heard that too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Believe it or not, it goes with the exposure of skin too. Pair something like shorts or a mini skirt with tops that are modest, i.e., something like a cute shirt or a polo tee. If you’re going to swing the opposite way, then wear your top with jeans, palazzos or culottes. Just keep the whole look balanced.

Short tops paired with regular bottoms


Short bottoms paired with regular tops


There is no magic wand for superior fashion sense. Just be yourself, find your comfort zone and avoid these fashion mistakes.

The author’s views are personal here.