How To Deal With A Difficult Roommate?

Having a good roommate can be like a family away from home. On the other hand, having a bad one is similar to having the annoying relative you wish to avoid all the time.

Your roommate is probably that one person with whom you spend your maximum time with, someone you can easily fall back upon. However, things might take a different turn if your roommate is the spawn of Satan for you.

Let’s find out how you can turnaround things.

1. Curb your urge to retaliate

The urge to reciprocate and say something sassy or witty can be very high when your roommate has done something you didn’t like at all. But, don’t take the route of revenge and instead, try talking to her about her actions.

2. Don’t text and instead talk to her

It’s for the best that you both try communicating face to face and not via text. Since you both live together, it is important to learn how to communicate with each other. Texting may create more misunderstandings, and conveying your true feelings may become more difficult.

3. Address the issues ASAP

If any of her actions are bothering you, then you must be willing to address the problem right away. Don’t be the kind of a roommate who let most of the things go unchallenged even when they are bothering to the core.

4. Don’t hesitate in repeating

If she isn’t willing to bring about any change, then don’t hesitate in reminding her again. It is possible that she forgot about the discussion you had earlier; sometimes things can slip away from the mind.

5. Adjust the tone of your discussion

You need to give your roommate the benefit of doubt. However, if things don’t improve then bringing about a change in your tone might help. You can start in a polite and requesting manner, but if things aren’t changing then using a bit of a firm tone is justified.

6. Know your upper limit

Some souls never change. Even when you tell them their mistake, they won’t pay heed to it. Now being a good roommate is very crucial but knowing where exactly you need to bounce back is also essential. If your roommate is unwilling to alter the situation and she continues to make you feel like a refugee in your space, then it’s high time. Get out and look for other options because having a difficult roommate can not only make you more frustrated but also affect your mental health.

Things may not change overnight. Just stay calm, discuss things, and give your roommate some time to understand and settle the issues.

The author’s views are personal here.