Stay Away From Do-Nothing Girls

A do-nothing girl is a girl with no meaningful ambitions or goals. She would post every update of her life (with a #) and would call for an apocalypse if she doesn’t find anything good to wear. Even if you ignore her, you won’t be able to escape her gibberish talks that would regulate like fire forest. Here are the most noteworthy traits of a do-nothing girl. If you can correlate these traits with someone you know, just stay away from her as far as possible.

1. She is a gossip queen and never stops babbling

A do-nothing girl will tittle-tattle about most of the people inhabiting the planet. She always has unconfirmed breaking news which she wants to spit out and broadcast again and again. She’ll never say anything good about anyone and will bitch about everyone.

Certainly, the one who bitches in front of you can bitch about you at your back too.

2. She wastes time chasing guys

A do-nothing girl is like a bounty hunter who loves chasing guys or indirectly making guys pursue her. Since she has plenty of futile time, she’ll waste it on guys. Now don’t get us wrong, there is no harm in liking someone. But this category feels satiated only when guys chase them. She keeps on adding guys to her list while boosting her inflatable ego.

3. She is a Ph.D. in social media

When you ask this girl about the last productive thing she did, she’ll tell you how she saved the world with her latest fashion post. Honestly, being active on social media is not wrong. But putting your time at stake to take over your Instagram with a live video or caring more about the outrageous number of likes on your latest photos is not right and a sign of utter immaturity.

The girls in this category are like the self-proclaimed attorneys of social media. Even though they haven’t pursued law, you will find them arguing with people about irrelevant stuff in the comments section of every second post.

4. She is always clueless

It’s okay to be indecisive at times. But, not okay to be clueless and never have a plan. For a do-nothing girl, life is nothing but #YOLO. ‘You live only once’ is a nice concept provided you make your life worthy.

5. She acts like royalty and can’t hide her haughtiness

Moving as if the world is your kingdom and considering everyone around you a peasant is unreal and not good. A do-nothing girl always keeps herself above specific tasks and at the same time leaves no opportunity in demeaning others.

6. She will act like ‘Brutus’

‘Et tu Brute?’ is the perfect line to manifest the feeling of betrayal. Brutus, a very close friend of Julius Ceaser, betrayed and stabbed the leader himself. Similarly, a ‘do-nothing’ girl is most likely to stab her friends as she is a natural opportunist and doesn’t care much about other people.

A do-nothing girl is not trustworthy and can adversely affect your overall approach towards people and life. Just stay away!

The author’s views are personal here.